6 Things to Know Before You Go to an RV Show

When you’re shopping for an RV, nothing compares to an RV show. These events offer the opportunity to walk through all kinds of RVs, giving you a better sense of which models meet your needs. They’re also great places to compare options side by side, ask questions, learn about the RV lifestyle and access exclusive deals. But with hundreds of RVs in one location, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and leave feeling like you didn’t see everything that you’d hoped to — so check out these six simple tips before you go, round up your most comfortable walking shoes, then attend your next RV show like a pro!

1. Think about what you want to see. Do some research before the show so that you have a better idea of how to spend your time onsite. The California RV Show makes this easy, with the online RV Showcase — a handy tool that lets you see which brands and models you can expect to find at the show, and where to find them. Pro tip: Use the filters to narrow your results and discover RVs that have the features you’re looking for.
2. Avoid the most popular days and times. If your schedule allows, skip the lines and ditch the crowds by attending the show at an off time. Generally speaking, you can expect Saturday to be the most popular day, so try to go first thing Sunday or anytime during the week.
3. Ask questions. RV shows are full of experts, including manufacturers’ representatives and dealers. People love sharing their RV knowledge and these shows have a fun, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to speak up! Talk to a representative about the models you’re considering, ask the attendee next to you about their experiences on the open road, get the details on that spiffy new RV accessory from an exhibitor — this is the place to get all of your questions answered by people who know and love RVing!
4. Shop around. Don’t settle for the first RV that checks all the boxes on your wish list, that first enticing price tag, that one dealer you know or that first brand name you recognize. RV shows bring all of the latest models and biggest manufacturers to one spot — take advantage of that and explore! When you find a model you’re interested in, look at as many prices as possible by doing some online research and talking to different dealers.
5. See what’s going on. Check out the event schedule ahead of time. An RV show is the ideal place to learn about all aspects of the RV lifestyle and discover new equipment and accessories. Take a look at the seminar list (this may influence which day of the show you attend) and take a spin through the expo area, where you’ll find all kinds of high-tech gear and products that will make your time on the road even more enjoyable.
6. Take a break! Sure, your goal is to find the perfect RV, but going to an RV show is also a wonderful way to have a fun-filled day out with the family! At the California RV show, make sure to visit The Hub, the epicenter of entertainment, food and festivities for the whole family. You’ll find food trucks, a Ferris wheel, live music and exciting happenings throughout the day.

Now that you have the info you need to ace your next RV show, it’s time to get going! If you haven’t already, get your tickets for the California RV show, happening October 4-13 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California (pro tip: buy online and save a few dollars).