The California RV Show is the largest consumer RV event on the west coast! Over 40,000 attendees visit each year looking to purchase their first RV or upgrade their unit.

The California RV Show is more than just an RV show, it’s an exciting week-long event with family-friendly activities, educational seminars, and amazing food and entertainment. It’s also a complete experience for RV enthusiasts seeking to enhance their adventures with new products.

Meet top prospects who are ready to buy right now and embrace the RV lifestyle, while spending face-to-face time building relationships with your current customers. Make sure you’re an exhibitor at the California RV Show!


Exhibit Space: Contact Tom Gaither at [email protected] or 951-567-3608

2020 Manufacturer Space Brochure

2020 California RV Show Layout

2020 Manufacturer Space Application

2020 Test Drive Application Form

Manufacturer Rules and Regulations

Suppliers (Inside Tent):

Exhibit Space: Contact Kelly Smith at [email protected] or 571-665-5872

2020 Supplier Space Brochure

2020 Exhibitor Tent Layout

2020 Supplier Space Application

DTFA-410-D Special Event Sellers Permit Form

Supplier Rules and Regulations