Seminar Topics

The California RV Show has a ton of great seminars for the RV enthusiast. The event schedule is still coming together, but check out the list of seminar topics that will be featured during the show!

How to Shop for an RV
An entertaining and informative look at the issues of shopping for an RV. Topics will include different RV classification and matching the advantages to your needs, choosing the right floorplan, new vs. used, diesel or gas, towable or motorized.

We’ll teach you how to increase battery capacity, power and water, while showing you some cool places you can travel to.

RV Care & Maintenance
How to care for your RV, from rubber roof material to decals, window seals, AC gasket, tires and more.

RV Driving & Towing
Tips on getting started, matching truck to trailer, driving tips, making corners, backing up and towing a “Dinghy”!

RV Traveling with Pets
Vaccinations, campground limitations, finding medical locations and cool places to take pets.

Want to upgrade your RV with today’s modern technology? We’ll show you how to add flat screen TVs, LED lighting and much more.

RV Travel – Things To Know Before You Go
First RV trip? We’ll go over tips on campground restrictions, accessories you might need, road use laws, and information to better prepare you for that maiden voyage.

Connecting To The Campground
Attend this seminar for information on checking for dangers at the campsite, checking for proper electrical connections, sanitary water supply, and even how to get WiFi!

Creative Cooking Methods and Recipes
Learn the difference between lump charcoal and briquettes, wood pellets, and more. Review the different options in grills such as the Big Green Egg, Traeger, and even pizza ovens. And get some fun recipes including broomstick eclairs, sandwich bag eggs and brown paper bag breakfast!

Camping In National Parks – Reservations & Restrictions
This seminar will feature info about several National Parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, from campgrounds and length restrictions, to how to make online reservations.

RV Handyman Series – Cool RV Tools, Gadgets and Must-Have Apps
Tools and gadgets to test water purity, campground voltage, tire/axle temperature, and much more. Apps include finding local TV coverage, free camping, gas prices, and even dump stations.

RV Handyman Series – Electrical 12-Volt
12 Volt vs 6 Volt. Learn how to double the life of your battery, troubleshoot, and how to use an inverter.

RV Handyman Series – Electrical 120-Volt
How to check campground voltage/polarity, adding modern day appliances, and troubleshooting tips.

RV Handyman Series – Generators
We’ll be discussing the various types of generators from portable to on-board, gas, diesel, and propane, and proper procedures for storage.

RV Handyman Series – Refridgerators
How an absorption refrigerator works, recall info, cleaning the burner assembly, additional venting, troubleshooting.

RV Handyman Series – Roof Air Conditioners
Understanding the operation of a roof air conditioner, maintenance, and troubleshooting low cool or no operation.